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Wild Coffee Sidamo 7 oz

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Sidamo is grown exclusively in the Sidamo province (which also includes Yirgacheffe and Guji coffee). The green beans themselves are small and a greenly-grey color and when roasted give a delightful deep spicy, winey, chocolatey flavor with a medium body and an almost lemony floral aroma.


What is Wild Sidamo Coffee?
The Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee is a perky, intemperate bomb of organic product, brimming with berry and honey notes. From southern Ethiopia and delivered from particular Ethiopian assortments native to the area, it is known for its astounding taste.

What does Sidamo coffee taste like?

Sidamo espresso has a scrumptious and complex flavor profile, with fragile notes of berry and raw sweetener which wait charmingly on the tongue. Sidamo espresso is known for its flower, citrusy fragrance, and it will in general have a medium, smooth body.

Is Sidamo coffee good?

A wet-handled (washed) Ethiopian espresso is most popular for its rich, full body (mouthfeel), sweet and complex flavor, low causticity, botanical fragrance, and finish that is brilliant and delicate. A decent Sidamo is even with measuring notes showing berries and citrus (lemony) with complex causticity.