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The story of coffee has its beginnings in Ethiopia, the original home of the coffee plant, coffee arabica, which still grows wild in the forest of the highlands. While nobody is sure exactly how coffee was originally discovered as a beverage, it is believed that its cultivation and use began as early as the 9th century.Among the many legends that have developed concerning the origin of coffee, one of the most popular account is that of Kaldi, an Abyssinian goatherd, who lived around AD 850.

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The coffee business line of the company has well structured organization and management system, where all the activities of procurement, processing and export are focused on delivering good and consistent quality coffee, timely execution of contracts and high level customer satisfaction. With several decades of experience and coffee legacy, We are committed to supplying high quality coffee delivered on time executed by its highly skilled professionals – accurate logistics services and perfect documentation.

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Their organic Ethiopian coffee remains one of our top sellers. We have received rave reviews about their coffee from our customers, and know we made the right decision choosing them to be our coffee distributor.

John M


I planned to introduce Ethiopian coffee beans and researched a few companies that I could import from. I came across them and contacted them. I ordered in bulk and it was an instant hit with my customers.

Tanya F


If you are searching for a coffee distributor, I recommend them. They are highly professional in ensuring the coffee reaches their customer on time. I never have to worry about receiving my coffee late.

Jennifer L


Not only are my customers fans of their Ethiopian coffee green beans and roasted coffee, but is my entire family, including me. You can really taste the care and love they put into selecting each and every coffee bean.

Jeremy P


Ever since I started importing Ethiopian coffee from them, I have noticed an increase in customers at my cafe. Their coffee is absolute best and the perfect way to start your day off, as said by one of my customers.

Carrie K